It is paradoxical that many educators and parents still differentiate between a time for learning and a time for play without seeing the vital connection between them.
— Leo F. Buscaglia


You and your child will share a unique experience. This will include learning about friends, teamwork, sharing and attitudes and feelings about living that will carry on long after your child has left our program. At this age the distinction between work and play need not be drawn, therefore, our program is designed towards having fun while accomplishing things.

Our program is Play-Based  – the Co-op does not emphasize academic performance, although it does aim at providing necessary experiences which contribute toward appropriate cognitive development. Research suggests that play-based learning offers more long-term performance benefits than strict academics at this age.

We want to encourage a sense of competence in the child so that he/she feels worthy and respected.  Children are to receive realistic feedback about their actions so they may learn how to productively relate to others.  Each child will be encouraged to use his or her own resources in both problem solving and in seeking out stimulating experiences.  The working parents will help facilitate learning, assisting the child when it is necessary, and defining limits as the child grows into developing inner controls.



Our children learn through self-directed and inspired exploration. We layer planned projects and themes with any “improv” as it occurs.


We educate by inspiring students to become interested in the world around them, using one weekly theme at a time, one playful day at a time.


Between the ages of 3 and 4, language acquisition happens at an astonishing pace, so our children are encouraged to express themselves verbally, as well as through art and play.