...each member family becomes part of our teaching collective; guiding, educating and inspiring our young participants.


Thank you for your interest in the Studio City Co-op.  For nearly 60 years, our Co-op has been a local treasure for young children and their families.   In the late 1950’s at Studio City Park a group of mothers began a cooperative program, which they called the Playmates, for their young children.  Evolving over the years, this cooperative grew and flourished eventually becoming the Studio City Co-op.  Our program is currently a parent-led cooperative and remains at its long-standing beautiful outdoor campus on the grounds of Beeman Park in Studio City.

We are a parent-led cooperative that includes twelve children and their families. As a cooperative program, each member family becomes part of our teaching collective; guiding, educating and inspiring our young participants.  We rely heavily on the dedication and motivation of our member families.

Parents are central to our Co-op’s daily workings. We do not have a teacher/director or any other paid staff.  Each day our program is led by three volunteer “working” parents.  As a Co-op parent, you will give much more of your time and energy to the Co-op than to a drop-off program. Volunteering alongside fellow parents, you will use your talents to run the program’s daily activities.

We believe that children benefit from having their parents actively participate in the learning environment. Within our Co-op, experiences and friendships are formed with other families, building a community for all involved. The Studio City Co-op is an experience for the whole family.

Children range in age from approximately 3 to 5 years old and must be potty-trained.  Program hours are Monday-Thursday from 9 am to noon, August through May.  We are located on the grounds of Beeman Park in Studio City, California.  The Co-op serves Studio City, Valley Village, North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Toluca Lake and the surrounding areas.

During their time at the Co-op, children learn to relate to and communicate with other children as well as adults. They experience a wide variety of play equipment, expressive materials and media. These enriching experiences result in a positive attitude towards learning for the future.  Children have the opportunity to be themselves and develop at their own rates emotionally, socially, and intellectually. They also see the results of adults working together to accomplish mutual goals.